jake paul vs tyron woodley

Jake Paul. YouTuber and Disney-Kid, and his next opponent, former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, have agreed to stake tattoos of each other's names in exchange for a doubled fight purse for their upcoming match on August 29th. 

And it's not just the winner's name the loser would be tattooing on their body -- the loser has to tattoo 'I Love (winner's name)" and post it for all the world to see. Because that's where professional boxing is at folks; the largest draw to the sport is a professional toolbag and a non-boxer with four losses in a row (not to take anything away from the phenomenal champion, fighter and athlete that Woodley is). 

The agreement was made during yesterday's press conference (that included Jake Paul's giant robot) when a reporter asked Paul about his offer to double Woodley's purse on the condition he donates 100% of it to charity should he lose -- an offer Woodley declined. Or, rather, quickly brushed over with some aggressive rapping. 

When asked about it, Woodley claimed he actually wanted to accept the offer, calling it "appetizing", but said that he didn't want to give Paul the "upper hand" at that moment. Paul responds with a new offer, saying, "Alright. How about this? Let's make a new bet right now: if I beat you, you have to get 'I Love Jake Paul' tattooed on you." He said to laughter from the crowd.

"But if you beat me, I have to get 'I love Tyrone Woodley' tattooed on me. But you have to post it on your Instagram.'" He then added, intentionally mispronouncing Tyron's name as 'Tyrone'. "Deal or no deal. Are you confident or not?"

Woodley turns to the crowd, raising his eyebrows. "What you guys think?" he asks to an uproarious round of cheers. "Alright. Bet" He says, shaking on it with Paul and thus sealing the deal on part four of modern boxing's further descent into madness. 

Paul was quick to then put up a Twitter poll asking users where Woodley should get his 'I Love Jake Paul' tattoo.

Who do you think wins this? And do you think the loser will honor their verbal agreement to get tattoos on each other? And, more importantly, do you think bets like this are juvenile BS or do they genuinely make the fight a little more interesting?