Katya Suvorova is the daughter of a former mail-order bride, who fled the Soviet Union in the 90s. She uses her TikTok to share her mother’s incredible life experiences and stories while answering questions from curious viewers about growing up in multiple mail-order bride households.

Katya had always shared pieces of her life story on TikTok, but after this March, 16 video describing her mother’s requirements as a mail-order bride attracted over 4 million views, she decided to dive into it head-on.

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Her videos mainly center around three themes; her mother’s life, the life of a mail-order bride, and her own stories growing up around both. Her mother’s first marriage to Katya’s father was not mail-ordered, but following Russian mafia disputes, she abducted Katya from her father and left the country for their safety. Fortunately, the father and daughter have since been able to reunite.

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Regrettably yet predictably, mail-order men made poor husbands and step-fathers. Katya’s mother was often abused and beaten, and in between marriages, the pair were poverty-stricken. Her mother’s status as an illegal immigrant also made justice nearly impossible for her abusers.

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Katya doesn’t shy away from the moral ambiguity of her upbringing. She is proud of her mother’s accomplishments and bravery, while also disappointed that she forced her daughter to endure what she did. Katya is no longer on speaking terms with her mother but has forgiven her. As Katya puts it, “I became who she wanted me to become. I am stable, I am healthy, I am in therapy.”