Frankie Muniz and Lizzo

Frankie Muniz has stayed busy in the 13 years since Malcolm in the Middle went off the air - he's been involved in the music scene as a drummer and a manager, he's gotten engaged, he's opened an olive oil store, and more. Now, it seems he wants to go back into acting - specifically, acting as a purse for hip-hop's current hottest act, Lizzo.

Muniz tweeted about wanted to live out some kinks with her early yesterday morning:

Frankie Muniz ✔ @frankiemuniz Hey @lizzo, lemme be your accessory. I can be a purse... put a chain around me and I'll hold your stuff for you... just sayin.  118K 11:19 AM - Sep 25, 2019

If that tweet is any indication - and we're not sure why it wouldn't be - Muniz is a sub who would love nothing more than to have Lizzo "put a chain around [him] and hold [her] stuff." While we're definitely happy he's confident enough to out himself as a sub like that, it does kind of ruin a mainstay of our childhoods.

Obviously, people had a lot to say about it:

 The BUBBLEH Experience @the_Bigandtasty · 23h Replying to  @frankiemuniz  and  @lizzo

 Goburin Sureiyā @Lemongrease2 · 12h Replying to  @frankiemuniz  and  @lizzo

slippery slope @ontheouts · 22h Replying to  @frankiemuniz  and  @lizzo I don’t know what prompted this, but I support it .

 Rachel Zern @razmatazern · Sep 25 Replying to  @frankiemuniz  and  @lizzo

J Crowley @jdcrowley Malcolm on the bottom…

Lizzo eventually saw and responded to the tweet with just one word, "accessorary" - a term she coined in the lyrics of her song "Tempo" featuring Missy Elliot.

|L I Z Z O| @lizzo Accessorary*