Earlier this week one apparent nudist took to Reddit’s r/AmITheAsshole forum with a bold inquiry – is he in the wrong for sleeping in the nude, much to their neighbor’s chagrin?

In his now-viral post, 28-year-old u/hanging-Out28 detailed how, exactly, he landed in this bizarre quandary, explaining that part of what drew him to his current home was its sunlight allowing him a Cinderella-esque wake-up from his naked slumbers.

“Most mornings I wake up before my alarm goes off just because the sunlight coming through the window waking me up,” he recounted, noting that some nearby trees offered “a natural barrier between my house and any potential neighbors” making curtains moot.

Recently, however, these circumstances changed, leaving u/hanging-Out28 with some new neighbors, who are less than thrilled with his morning routine.

“I've always been comfortable sleeping nude, and it wasn't an issue when there were no neighbors around,” he elaborated. “Not long after the people moved in the father from the house came over to my house and pretty much told me to stop being nude in front of my windows since his family can see inside my bedroom.”

Unfortunately, according to u/hanging-Out28, this neighborly request was anything but.

“He wasn't nice about it,” he continued. “But, he wasn't mean either just matter-of-factly like he gave me an order a fully expected it to be done like I was his kid or his employee.”

While u/hanging-Out28 “understood his concern,” making “an effort to be more mindful of my nudity when in view of the window,” he still occasionally went to bed nude, an act that led to his neighbor threatening to contact the authorities.

“The father came over again, leading to an argument between us,” he elaborated.

I told him I was trying my best to be considerate, but there's only so much I can do and that it's my house and I'm not changing my lifestyle because they moved in. He threatened to call the police and said I was being a ‘menace to the neighborhood’ whatever the hell that means.”

He concluded his post with a simple question for the platform: “Am I the asshole for continuing to sleep nude even though my neighbors can see into my bedroom?” he mused.

The answer? He is most certainly not the asshole, according to the majority of Redditors in his comment section.

“NTA. Some commenters are suggesting OP should put blinds if the neighbor is bothered then they should put up blinds,” wrote self-described “asshole enthusiast” u/Wild_Ad_2495 before asking “Why is this a problem for OP to solve?”

“NAH - BUT maybe you could get a window cling that obscures the clear view into your bedroom without sacrificing the natural light you enjoy and the fleshy freedom you love,” suggested u/Asleep-Hold-4686.

“He's asking/telling you to put up curtains so that he can keep his windows open; while you block the morning sun that you wake up to,” they continued. “Just like my Grandma who complains I never phone; like phones, curtains work both ways.”

Amid these affirmative comments, one Redditor began questioning just how different these “NTA” calls would be if u/hanging-Out28 was a woman, referencing a similar post that garnered a much harsher reaction.


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“What I don’t get is, the post last week about a woman refusing to close her blinds while getting dressed, causing construction workers to see her nude, was an automatic YTA,” wrote u/biscuitboi967, noting that the comment section on the aforementioned post was “all about consent to seeing her body and people just trying to work, and being an exhibitionist on your own time.”

“But you throw in a neighbor not wanting his kids to see OP nude, and all of a sudden we change course?” they asked. “ Is the ‘fuck them kids’ contingent so high that the mere mention of “protecting” kids is anathema, but ‘protecting’ grown male construction workers is common sense?”