There is no limit to how weird the internet can get. Especially in the age of adult content platforms like OnlyFans, where fans can pretty much pay for whatever they want (within reason.) We've seen people selling their farts online, others performing unique talents, and now we have bottled burps being sold.

According to WalesOnline, 25-year-old British OnlyFans creator, Curtis Gibbs started his account in 2018, but only went full-time after quitting his retail job. In case you needed more proof that working retail is a toxic nightmare, Curtis quit his job after his mental health declined so much from human interaction.

Curtis realized that he could make OnlyFans his entire career after he had tripled his monthly income in one month's time creating adult content. What kind of content? Curtis, a self-proclaimed 'Chunky Guy' has made nearly $23K by selling bottled burps, bath water, dirty socks, underwear, and even used trainers.

Unsurprisingly Curtis stated that his mental health improved drastically, as did his self-confidence once he quit retail and started creating content full-time. Triple my current salary, not having to interact with humans, and mental health improvement??? Sign me up.