After days of forbidden thirsting, we may finally have a concrete answer to the age-old question of whether Rep. Lauren Boebert puts out on the first date: Possibly, but only if you’re in a crowded theater during a regional production of Beetlejuice.

Shortly after her steamy night out at the family-friendly musical, in which the Republican representative from Colorado was caught singing, vaping and getting very handsy with her date, the lawmaker ran into TMZ reporters, in which she hinted that the shocking footage was, in fact, captured on a first date.

“Ultimately all future date nights have been canceled,” she said, noting that she “learned to check party affiliations before you go on a date” after her gentleman caller, who some outlets have identified as Quinn Gallagher, was revealed to be a Democrat.

But even though the pair have parted ways, their split appears to be amicable, the congresswoman dubbing Gallagher a "wonderful man” despite their apparent political differences.

"It was mostly a lovely time, and I've taken responsibility for my actions,” she said, referencing the several apologies she had issued on the matter. “I'd love to know how the musical ended, and I encourage people to go and see it.”

Boebert remained tight-lipped on whether or not this was actually a first date, however several sources including TMZ, Daily Mail, and briefly The Daily Beast, who later removed the term “second date” from their headline, reported that such appeared to be the case, a concept the internet continued to run with.

“That was a FIRST date?” asked @anylaurie16, one of the several Twitter users in apparent disbelief about the lawmaker’s dating trajectory.

Meanwhile, @WrittenByHanna speculated on all the horny shenanigans the pair could have gotten into during their subsequent meetups.

“Was second base going to be anal during Oppenheimer?” they questioned.

But regardless of whether this was truly a first date or just a very thirsty night out, one thing is certain about Lauren Boebert: Even with her infamy and abysmal, pearl-clutching politics, she’s still not above an apparent OTPHJ.