The manosphere’s art department has given the internet many gems. Last year it was the Green Line Test. And then it was Tamed vs. Untamed pussy. This week it’s the cuck line.

Twitter user @brutalmindset posted a photo of a line of men and all but one are naked waiting for a turn with a woman bent over a couch. “Don't be a romantic fool,” reads the caption.

The cuck line just shows how obsessed Manosphere dudes are with being cucked. They prey on this outrageous male fear so much that you wonder if they secretly like it. Their obsession with women’s body counts opposes their obsession with not being virgins. Of course, other creators have added to the photo on Twitter.

I swear every day I log onto Twitter the cuck line gets bigger. Its become the “Hands Across America” of sex.

“You can't keep a woman who belongs to the streets,” tweets @themanmakerx with an edit of the cuck that goes on forever. “I didn't make these rules, nature did.”

The line goes on for so long, you can’t even see the woman anymore. It’s all pasty naked white men with a sprinkle of men in suits holding flowers.

Currently, @themanmakerx’s tweet has over 5 million views and over a thousand quote tweets. The quotes point out all the insanity of the cuck conga line.

“The hell r these guys waiting for n why r so many of em naked?” correctly asks one user.

Many pointed out the allure of our lady. I mean how else can you make that many men wait in line for eternity? The vagina must change lives. Icon status.

“Is she a siren? Her pull is crazy” tweets one user.

Others questioned why most of the men stayed naked when their wait time if like all the Disney park rides combined. Are they cold?

“Can’t even see a woman. So at this point, it’s just a gay orgy… and that actually tracks” said one user.

In the replies to his tweet, @themanmakerx promotes his ebook which will give readers “the unknown secrets of women that have been kept hidden from us for the past 5000 years”.

The cover of the ebook looks like a 12-year-old got hold of AI. The ebooks (which are selling for a cool $35) are a grift to prey on insecure young men who don’t know how to talk to women. Hopefully, no one is fooled by the horrendously put-together website.

“These streets are full of naked men with their dick out and it’s the 1 woman that’s the problem?”

With all these alphas obsessed with cucking themselves, I foresee the cuck line stretching all the way from here to Pluto.