As Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour continues its reign of glittery terror across the United States, some Swifties are shitting their pants with excitement at the prospect of seeing their favorite artist live in concert – literally.

Alongside themed DIY bracelets, lots of tulles, and a metric fuckton of glitter, adult diapers have quickly become a must-have for any Swifties looking to experience every single moment of the artist’s three-plus hour show without the hassle of normal bodily functions.

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“For the amount of stress and time it took me to get Taylor Swift tickets I will be wearing an adult diaper because I will not be missing a minute of it,” TikTok creator @therealkatherine explained in a clip before offering the remaining 17 adult diapers to others who would be attending Swift’s Houston, Texas concert back in April.

Though it's unclear whether anyone took her up on her oh-so-generous offer (For sale: ‘Eras’ diapers, never worn), several other fans had similar ideas, getting candid about how they’d piss themselves for their Swift overlord – especially as she allegedly plans to shake up her setlist.

@audrey.solarz @taylorswift ♬ original sound - Ame (taylor’s version)

“I was planning my bathroom breaks with the current Eras setlist but now that Taylor is being ‘tricksy’ I might just have to work an adult diaper into my outfit,”  @amandalarouxlara wrote in one clip from last month.

@screenshothq Swifties truly are the most dedicated fan base #taylorswift #erastour #speaknowtaylorsversion #tserastour #swifttok #erastourchicago ♬ original sound - sped up audios

Meanwhile, creator @itsalexandergold explained their rationale for donning an adult diaper while stitching a viral TikTok questioning what song most fans would dip out during in case they needed to use the restroom.

“Bathroom break? At a Taylor Swift concert?” he quipped. “I’m gonna piss myself. I’m gonna either wear adult diapers, my bladder is going to explode, or I’m going to piss and shit my pants.”

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Swifties: They may be strange, but we promise that you’ll never find another like … pee.