It's always a rare treat when you find out a celebrity or sports icon is actually just a bat sh** crazy person, Jose Canseco might have just solidified himself to that particular category. Canseco went on a Twitter rant Wednesday trying to tell his followers all about how alien technology can allow time travel and how we need to free our minds to be able to do it and all sorts of things you can see your local town drunk screaming on the corner.

Apparently, these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to insane Jose Canseco tweets. Check out some more gems that the ol' slugger has to offer. 

Jose Canseco, being a former left-fielder, should be used to catching things out from left field, but these tweets, may be a little too out of left field even for this former baseball player who may I remind you, spent his time in left field, so he should know when things are coming out of left field.