Gaze upon the controversial and censored art!

The curators of the Manchester Art Gallery thought they could drum up some free good press by participating in the #MeToo movement, but the plan has almost completely backfired. The gallery replaced Hylas and the Nymphs by JW Waterhouse with a sign. Supporters of the movement can see through the charade, non-supporters brand the act as censorship, and nearly everyone is pissed off.

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The idea started simply enough. "We'll take down a piece of art as a token move to the feminists." There's only one problem. The painting chosen is one the most cherished works in the whole museum.

Self-proclaimed allies, and even victims of sexual assault are equally furious.

Visitors can post their thoughts on the stunt on the museum's wall. The museum wanted to spark conversation about feminism...

... and a conversation they got.