Apparently if your name is Tony Stewart there are only two personality traits. Liking NASCAR and going fishing. That's about it. Thanks to Zillow Gone Wild - an account that tweets the funniest house listings - we got an inside look at the racecar driver's 30-million-dollar Indiana home.

At first glance, we got a familiar feeling. Almost like deja vu. Like we had definitely been there before. OH WAIT. That's because it's nearly identical to literally any and every Bass Pro Shop

It didn't take long for the internet to pick up on the similarities. Here is the original tweet.

And right away the roast of Tony Stewart commenced.

Historically, NASCAR has been one of the more right wing leaning sports...

Reminder that this mansion is located in Columbus, Indiana.

Other creative comparisons began rolling in.

The internet may forgive, but it definitely doesn't forget. People began recalling the time that Tony Stewart hit (and killed) Kevin Ward Jr. while racing sprint cars on a dirt track. Look up the video on YouTube, crazy stuff.

In general people seemed to be intrigued. Is 'intrigued' the right word?

If you're in the market and have a couple milli laying around, hit up Tony Stewart's real estate agent. The downside is living in a town nobody has ever heard of until now, but that's showbiz baby!