LGBCoin team standing next to a NASCAR #68 LBG car

It's not a great week for people who hate Joe Biden and love NASCAR, which we assume is a majority of NASCAR fans, because Brandon Brown, whose name started the popular catchphrase, 'Let's Go Brandon', denied entry of his LGBcoin car in official NASCAR races. 

Now for most people, we just don't give a sh*t. But for the presidential haters out there, some are pretty upset. 

Brandon Brown's, Brandonbilt Motorsports team was not happy with the decision, saying, "NASCAR did not speak with Brandonbilt Motorsports prior to making their decision to rescind the approval, and multiple attempts to set-up a conversation to address this matter went unacknowledged." 

Brandon Brown - LGB Coin logo

The decision comes after Brandon's name became the center of a new meme catchphrase last November, and NASCAR has officially stated that it will not allow any, 'Let's Go Brandon' sponsorships. 

But we might have a solution for those pissed off by the decision. If Let's Go, Brandon, can find two more initials, say a T and Q, then maybe they can sneak by the NASCAR mods. Just think, two separate groups, both with the same LGBTQ initials, but with opposite intentions. Now that would be cool.