Flying on airplanes sucks. Everything is too expensive, everything is too strict, and everything is too small. But from time to time, a designer comes along and proposes a new seat that they think will revolutionize the cramped sardine-like packaging airlines so dearly love to use. Spoiler alert: it never works.

This time it’s 23-year-old designer Alejandro Núñez Vicente, who believes that his “Chaise Longue double level airplane seat concept,” which was displayed in Hamburg, could be your next budget ticket across the Atlantic. But as usual, the internet doesn’t agree, and it has a very stinky reason why.

“Nice. Perfect height for ripping ass,” @vinn_ayy commented.

Despite the reaction, Núñez Vicente is still optimistic about his design.

“Most of the time when they show you something new, everyone hates it,” he told CNN. “But the more you show it, and the more you develop it, and the more they see it, the more they get used to it.”

And while plenty of people joked about the possibility of exclusive fart-sniffing, taller viewers weren’t so negative.

“All jokes aside. I’d much prefer this than the current seating configuration!” @matthewnmassa tweeted.

“Yep, gonna be a tough decision there,” @REDDDD777 said. “Be the farter with zero legroom or the fartee with lots of legroom. For someone over 6 ft, that's a tough one.”

Of course, this double-decker arrangement is a long way from coming to fruition, and could only function as the middle grouping of seats on large planes. But still, the potential to end up with a face full of fiery farts just because you can’t afford a better seat smells like a problem. And a problem with all the stinky ingredients airlines love.