Aaron Carter and Nick Carter, with tweet by Aaron about being served restraining orders from Nick

Late last night, Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter revealed that he and his sister Angel have filed a restraining order against their brother, former teen heartthrob/recording artist Aaron. Nick claimed the decision came after Aaron threatened his pregnant wife and unborn child, an allegation Aaron has denied.

The news was initially broken by Aaron Carter, who tweeted about being served with the papers:

series of tweets by Aaron Carter revealing he'd been served a restraining order by his older brother, Nick

Nick Carter confirmed the news within moments of Aaron's initial tweets, providing the following statement:

Statement by Nick Carter on why he filed a restraining order against his brother Aaron

This development comes after Aaron recently opened up about his history of drug abuse.

 Aaron Carter @aaroncarter · Sep 13 Ironically, two years ago TODAY, September 13, 2017,  I went back to rehab and got myself clean and sober. I got myself the help I needed and now I’m getting my mother the help she needs.  @thedoctorstv  going to rehab saved me, and I Know they can do the same for her  @TheDoctors

Aaron also took the opportunity to put Nick on blast for his reprehensible behavior in the past:

Aaron was definitely done pulling his punches after multiple BSB fans started tweeting at him telling him to back off. His biggest bombshell was dredging up Nick's past violence towards women, including his high-profile ex, Paris Hilton. He also brought up the names of women who have accused Nick of raping them when they were minors:

Aaron Carter @aaroncarter · 15h Anybody who knows me knows I wouldn’t hurt a fly I’ve never been accused of rape I’ve never been accused of beating  @ParisHilton  how am I the violent one. Quote Tweet  Ian Shanks @IanTShanks  · 15h Replying to @aaroncarter What the hell is wrong with Nick? He is accusing you of wanting to hurt your own sister-in-law and unborn nephew or niece? That is messed up. Even though I don’t know you personally Aaron, I feel like you wouldn’t even hurt a fly

Aaron Carter @aaroncarter · 15h Paris knows the truth. She can talk out when she’s ready  @KayaJones  knows the truth, she can talk out when she’s ready. Mandy WillaFord knows the truth she can talk out when she’s ready.  @MelissaSchuman  she can speak out when she’s ready.  @TanyaJaneMUA  knows the truth. Quote Tweet  MimitaVilla @Mimita_Villa  · 15h Replying to @aaroncarter and @ParisHilton yes!!!You have never been accused of violent behavior with your girlfriends, now why you are the violent one  #coverup

Aaron Carter @aaroncarter · 14h I know you’re mad I spoke to  @MelissaSchuman  so to retaliate you call the police to take away my legal guns and you file a restraining order #pathetic #Coverup

Aaron Carter @aaroncarter · 14h How come my brother didn’t file a restraining orders against a girl who filed a police report against him for rape? #COVERUP #METOOMOVEMENT Quote Tweet  Entertainment Weekly @EW  · 15h Nick Carter gets restraining order against Aaron Carter, claims brother threatened to kill pregnant wife http://share.ew.com/RZNRcec

Aaron Carter @aaroncarter · 12h Hey love,  @MelissaSchuman  I’m not sorry that I spoke to you. Clearly my brother is sorry I spoke to you and is retaliating against me. #CoverUp #IGotYourBack #Metoomovement

 Aaron Carter @aaroncarter · 12h I’m standing by all these victims. Please.  @Aphrodite_Jones  the victims all want to talk now  Maybe do a r Kelly type documentary

Naturally, Twitter reactions were WILD: