If you grew up playing Super Mario 64 like myself, this is about to be the best video game news that you've read in quite a while. 

"Nintendo is pursuing something like a Super Mario All-Stars 2 for the 3D Mario games. This would include Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and then Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. It’s likely that 3D World may get its own, separate Deluxe-style release. While it’s possible the older 3D Mario games could come in a single compilation, it’s also likely that Nintendo will release them individually as it did with its Zelda remasters" (VentureBeat)

If this report is true, Nintendo fans everywhere are in for a treat. 90's kids will have a wave of nostalgia wash over them if we are able to play SM64 on Switch. With remasters also mentioned for Super Mario Galaxy and Sunshine, all generations of Nintendo fans will have something to reminisce over. 

"The core of the report is that Nintendo originally planned to focus on Mario’s 35th anniversary at E3 (the Electronic Entertainment Expo) in Los Angeles in June. But organizers canceled that event due to the spread of the coronavirus. Nintendo is going ahead with that promotion, and it will likely hold a Direct-style event to provide all of the details. That includes info on remasters, a Paper Mario game, the upcoming Mario film, and Universal Studios’ Super Nintendo World theme park." (VentureBeat)

Just the rumor of a brand new Paper Mario game would be a huge announcement by itself. The fact that Nintendo is going all out for its' 35th anniversary of Mario shows how they are starting to understand their fan base better with a return to form. 

Anyone else pumped for their childhood to come back even fresher? Let's just hope they don't ruin anything - that is one thing I am kinda worried about.