A 22-year-old OnlyFans star was recently fired from her nursing job because her social media and adult content accounts were - get this - distracting to her coworkers. The former nurse, Jaelyn posted to her TikTok recounting the day she got let go.

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We reached out to Jaelyn on her Instagram page, playgirljaelyn. Here's what she had to say when asked about the nursing job.

"I only worked 2-3 times a month at that specific nursing home. So I was only getting $500-600 each month."

When she arrived for her nursing shift, Jaelyn apparently was approached by a woman she had never seen before who immediately asked to speak to her. Jaelyn, believing the chat was about covid protocols, was obviously shocked to hear that her coworkers' actions had led to her being fired.

It was no secret that Jaelyn had been making a living off of OnlyFans. She even mentions that nursing was almost a side-gig as adult content salaries vary so much. But it wasn't until her coworkers began spending their own work hours looking up her accounts and content that she was punished.

Jaelyn also told us there were no signs that her adult content was an issue, or that she was going to be fired. "I was employee of the month last month at that place", she stated.

Obviously the discriminatory action doesn't bode well for the nursing home she was working in, and she will be taking legal action.