A group of retired veterans, at the Taoyuan Veterans Home in Taiwan, were given quite the show recently when a group of dancers were brought in as entertainment. Video of the incident went viral, leading to an apology from the nursing home and staff.

According to LADbible, a spokesperson for the nursing home stated that the dance moves were "too enthusiastic and fiery." The event was planned as a celebration of the Chinese tradition known as the Moon or Mid-Autumn Festival. 

The gentlemen seem to be enjoying themselves, and we hope they did, as this is the last time these dancers will be coming to visit them. The internet had some comments and feedback as well.

One Twitter user said, "Wow!  Talk about the lack of dignity, of refinement, of class for all parties involved. Just what have we become?  I think we should be so ashamed at how we value our life, our time, and each other."

While others felt the exact opposite. Another account tweeted, "Um, sorry for what? Best day they've had in years and those years are running out."

“The intention of the event was to entertain residents and make them happy. We are very sorry for the offense that was caused."