Veronica Rae Joker cosplay

A cosplayer from New York City is being flooded with comments by angry trolls, gamers, and incels after she posted photos of herself dressed as the Joker at the now-iconic "Joker Stairs" in the Bronx. 

Victoria Rae Joker cosplay

Victoria Rae Joker cosplay

Cosplayer Veronica Rae posted the photos to her Facebook earlier this week, along with the caption:

I used to think my life was a tragedy, but now I realize, it’s a comedy. I whipped up a female Joker in about 2 days just so I could shoot on the iconic stairs!

Victoria Rae Joker cosplay

Victoria Rae Joker cosplay

Unfortunately, Rae's photos drew the wrong kind of attention as the post was quickly flooded with comments from some of the neckbeard-iest sections of the internet. Many of the comments used language common to the incel community.

Sad sexualization of a character! Why do people like you have to do this to characters!!!I can't belive you'd do this for attention. Disappointing!

Ikr!!! A movie involving sensitive subjects, about mental health, and then she puts on a sexy cosplay for likes.

it’s extremely disrespectful and offensive, who lets femoids do this  [...]   Everyone who defends this woman is a coomer


For those of you who may not be up to speed on incel lingo, "femoid" is a slur used to refer to women as sexual objects and "coomer" is a term for someone who is addicted to jerkin' the ol' gherkin.

This is oppressive to gamers

No, it’s not. It’s disgusting gender and cultural appropriation.

First, my xbox account is suspended for inappropriate language. Then, my vape has been outlawed. But this, this is the the final straw. My culture is not to be thotified in any way for e-likes. GAMERS, IT’S TIME WE ALL UNITE AND RISE UP!!!

Uhm, you're appropriating my culture. Gamers are not this We are more than just a costume

Honestly, some of these comments are so outlandish that we're genuinely left wondering if this was just people being funny, or if they actually meant it. Regardless, there were definitely plenty of people ready to defend Rae:

Why so much hatred for her? I loved your pictures girl, you rock

Cultural appropriation?! Y’all’s culture is being a fucking clown now?! Makes sense.

maybe she IS a gamer. Do you mean

I see lots of my virgin brothers here  keep it up boys

Rae, for her part, took the criticism in stride and responded with a cheeky (pun intended) photo of her in a Jar-Jar Binks mask.

Veronica Rae Jar Jar Binks

Rae added the following caption:

I heard you all loud and clear. Is this better for you?