On June 14th O.J. Simpson made one of the dumbest decisions of his life: He joined Twitter. This isn't to downplay the things he went to trial and jail for, because those were really really dumb too. Criminally dumb. But joining Twitter when you're O.J. Simpson is top tier moron stuff.

The good news is, my dearest and closest friends, is that O.J. knows so little about how Twitter works that he's left his DMs (direct messages) open. That means that you can send him a private message. Of anything. And by anything, I mean sexy pictures of Shrek. 

While I know you're more than capable of finding sexy Shrek pictures on your own, (in fact you probably already have some favorites) here's a collection of images that you might consider DMing to O.J. 

Now that you've chosen and saved one of these extremely arousing pictures, it's time to head over to Twitter. 

Here's the link to O.J.'s official twitter: https://twitter.com/TheRealOJ32

Now, find the little envelope button (on Desktop it's a button that says "message") and click it. 

Now, choose your sexiest Shrek picture and send it on over. 

Now it's your turn.