Oil Prices drop below $0 -  dancing pallbearers meme carrying a barrel of oil

Oil prices closed today at an all-time low of -$37.63 a barrel as demand for crude oil has plummeted around the world. 

What does this mean? Well, they aren't giving away barrel of oil if that's what your thinking, but today's final price for crude oil is not only the lowest ever  but is a 300% single day decrease.  

 As consumers already are experiencing cheap gas prices, we can imagine the prices will continue to drop. But let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

If you are still trying to grasp the total effects of Coronavirus then this is your moment. Today the global market for oil tanked because speculation on future demand for oil currently sits at zero. 

Nations around the world have been busy filling up their reserve and people have been busy staying put. And not just in New York, or Rome, but just about everywhere. 

 RIP Oil.