Despite building a fanbase with his apparent penchant for Overwatch, it seems Canadian Twitch streamer xQc boldly ventured where approximately no one f**king asked him to this week, taking to the platform with a diatribe circuitously explaining why he doesn’t like jerking it to OnlyFans.

On Monday, January 30, xQc dedicated a segment of his nearly 11-hour stream to discussing a revelation stemming from his broader critique of the Atrioc DeepFake porn drama, providing his 11.5 million followers with a truly substance-free thesis on why OnlyFans pales in comparison to good ‘ol PornHub.

“OnlyFans stuff is Dogsh*t, okay,” he quipped.  “I respect every girl who does only fans. It’s not the act of them doing it, is not the problem. Girls with OnlyFans is not the problem for me.”

So what, exactly, is his problem with OnlyFans? Even after watching and rewatching the clip until we garnered dirty looks from our co-workers, it seems the answer is still a resounding ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

“in my opinion as a person I see no absolutely fu*king appeal,” he continued, adding that he sees  “no appeal in OnlyFans.” “I don’t feel more connected or I don’t understand why I would get this over like normal p*rnos that I consume. To me, it doesn’t make sense.”

Very cool, xQc. As a wise reaction image once perfectly put it …