Andrew Callahan, who first went viral with his interview show, 'All Gas No Breaks',  has just released a new documentary on HBO Max, titled, 'This Place Rules,' which documents the months after the 2020 presidential election. 

The documentary focuses on the absurdity of modern America, and how echo chambers turn us into loyal zombies, with our own unique enemies. It features Trump’s most devoted MAGA-heads, insane protests, and one QAnon conspiracy theorist who is dedicated to exposing the pedophile elite. 

Andrew Callahan is the preeminent interviewer of Proud Boys, furries, and fringe weirdos all across the nation. And in a clip that has since gone viral on Twitter, Callahan talks with a man who claims everyone and anyone who has held power in Washington is secretly a pedophile, only he is one too. 

During the interview, Callahan presents him with pictures of Oprah, Jonah Hill (who is a producer on the film) and President Biden. Without hesitation, Dave bravely points out how they “eat babies” and assault minors. While sitting in a Denny’s, wearing a cowboy hat, Dave is then presented with his own past. The film crew discovered Dave was convicted of assaulting a young boy, and pleaded guilty. 

If  you're thinking of checking  out the film, no you won't find some grand statement about modern political life in America, but you will find some pretty juicy clips like this one.