On today’s episode of grindset girlies wholly missing the point, TikTok hustle porn has finally achieved Camusian levels of absurdity, with one person attempting to rebrand Sisyphus from the embodiment of human futility into a bootstrapping #girlboss.

Earlier this week, TikToker @awakenatlas took to the platform with a *very* bold proclamation, arguing that despite being condemned by Zeus to roll a boulder up a hill day after day, Sisyphus actually like, loves his life of endless pain, and suffering, and monotony — or as she put it in her caption, “Camus was like thiiiiis ???? close.”

“We’re kind of missing the point of the Sisyphus myth. He gets stronger! The point is [sic] that we are free to imagine him happy because he is,” she proclaimed in a video that has since garnered nearly 500,000 views in its Twitter repost  — most of which likely coming from all the classicists who had to watch ths clip at least five times to see whether they had just suffered a stroke.

@awakenatlas Camus was like thiiiiiis close #mythofsisyphus ? QKThr - Aphex Twin

“He becomes a person who can roll a boulder up a hill every single day and do it again and it’s amazing because there is a deepening of self,” she continued, detailing how the story is actually a metaphor for “having a practice and a routine and like, doing the same thing every day and like, cyclical, seasonal, blah blah blah, that thing.”

“It is an ode to physical suffering because that brings enlightenment,” she concluded.  “Rolling a boulder up a hill every single day is not a punishment — it is his reward.”

Shortly after sharing her extremely spicy take — one that apparently makes Twitter user @seungylee14‘s brain get “hot like an old laptop thinking about it” (which like, same) — it seems several commenters made like Prometheus, bringing the fire to @awakenatlas’s comment section.  

“POV: Hades gaslighting Sisyphus,” commented @mithy_m.

“This actually makes a lotta sense if you have no idea what you’re talking about,” added @maggi3onmars. “You go girl??” “This is the manager at the Amazon warehouse,” added @xcumulonimbus, with TikToker @een.0nline denouncing it as “the commercial for capitalism.”

So, Gary Vaynerchuk, if you’re reading this, watch out — Sisyphus is coming for your gig