People are freaking out over this tweet posted by a mother named Sarah Turner, that describes the moment her kids realized their cake mixing bowl was also their “family sick bowl.” The term “family sick bowl” seems to elicit strong reactions from many, with people both defending the concept and expressing utter outrage at possibilities for cross-contamination.

The issue seems to stem from people like this mother, who use the exact same bowl for both their family’s vomit and birthday cakes. Defenders say that if you give it a thorough wash, what’s the difference? After all, you’re not usually imagining someone else’s saliva on a clean spoon you’ve just taken for yourself out of the dishwasher.

Of course all it takes is the smallest bit of imagination, and that delicious birthday cake just seems a bit less appetizing. And what guest would want to eat something made in a bowl like that? We barely like your kids enough to sit with them at the dinner table, let alone eat from their vomit bowl. It’s not like bowls are that prohibitively expensive.

And of course the ultimate question is… why a bowl at all? And why do so many people seem to have them? Surely if there is enough time to grab the sick bowl you can also grab a bucket, or a garbage bag? Just walk yourself over to the toilet and save the trouble of a receptacle at all!

And why are some families throwing up so much to begin with that there is a defined bowl and system for it?

But perhaps the most terrifying part is that it doesn't seem to stop at vomit bowls. No household appliance is safe. 

I'd like to take a moment and say that at no point during my childhood was there a family "sick bowl" and my parents should take some pride in that. But the rest of you need to examine your ways before ever having guests over again.