TikTok has exploded with a new format in which individuals are tricking their loved ones into thinking tragedy has struck. In the age of technology, the average home is abounding in appliances and utilities that could completely blow up in our faces. This trend capitalizes on that stupidly absurd possibility.

The format entails taking a short video of oneself fiddling with electrical outlets, kitchen appliances, or pretty much anything flammable, cutting it short with a spliced, incredibly realistic fake explosion filter, and then sending it to family and recording their responses. Some of the reactions pranksters have gotten out of family members are pretty hilarious. 



♬ original sound - saira

You don't need to speak Spanish to know what this mom is saying. 

@_notsalem Ya no m van a dejar cocinar #explosion #broma #fypシ ♬ sonido original - Ernesto Oropeza

@drty_money #fypシ #fyp #explosion #humor #explosionprank ♬ original sound - Fo Nems Grave

@arianacolonn #explosionfilter #explosionfilterprank ♬ original sound - Someone