If there’s one word to describe the internet as a whole, it’s definitively “horny,” a sentiment that has driven the rise of OnlyFans, reply guys, and of course, the invention of thirst traps — a.k.a. steamy, generally SFW photos designed to nab the attention of that special someone.

But what, exactly, makes a successful thirst trap? Earlier this week @TheyLuvvLi_ set out to find just that.

“Quote this tweet with a picture that had your DMs blowing up,” wrote @TheyLuvvLi_.

Amassing more than 17,000 replies, the answers varied, ranging from snaps in summery dresses, flattering belfies (ty, Kim K for that one!), cute cosplay looks, and several VERY NSFW entries we can’t exactly share here. Sorry!

But fortunately for us, it’s not just bikini photos that have lit people’s messages ablaze. Just ask @jnbldwn, who says their adorable headshot garnered quite the response.

“Headshot had the DMs a mess for weeks,” they wrote alongside the sweet, smiley snap – one that will likely only set them up for even more DMs for even more weeks to come.

For @Hazlanz0, merely catching up on chores managed to do the trick.

“I was just doin' laundry,” they captioned a photo of them leaning back onto what appears to be their washing machine.

So, let this be a lesson to all you lonely souls out there, your DMs are going to stay barren unless you put yourself out there, that if you can believe posting headshots is the way to nab your crush's attention.