When we think of meeting celebrities, we sometimes have this made up scenario in our heads that these people are super heroes. When in reality, they're just normal people like us.

Before eBaum's I was working a shit job at a restaurant in Midtown Manhattan. I was a host making minimum wage. But we were owned by a celebrity chef. So there were always big names dining. Jenna Fischer from The Office made a reservation one day, and we ended up seating her at the worst table in the entire restaurant. She was totally fine with it.

As mortifying as that story is, most celebs are normal humans and we're the ones putting them on a pedestal.

A recent question posed by Lauren Modery on Twitter had the internet sharing their most awkward celebrity encounters. Proving all humans are weird as hell.

Tracy Morgan

Bill Clinton

Fabio Lanzoni

André 3000

Charles Barkley

Bill Murray

Mark Ruffalo

Stephen Hawking

Sean Penn

Amy Winehouse

David & Victoria Beckham

Danny DeVito

Pauly Shore


Yoko Ono

If there's one thing we can take away from this, it's that celebs are just as awkward as every other human. That, and Danny DeVito must be protected at all costs.