A recent study conducted by Northwest Minzu University in China has found that yes, indeed. Drinking Pepsi and Coca-Cola can likely increase men's testosterone levels and testicle size. The study which was published in Acta Endocrinol, isn't the first of its kind.

Past studies have found that drinking sugary beverages such as soda, can have a negative impact on sex organs and fertility specifically in men. However the NMU study begs to differ. The study tested 3 different groups of mice including those which drank only water, a mixture of water and soda, and lastly 100% Coke and Pepsi.

It was clear after 15 days that the group of mice which drank the 100% sodas had an increase in testosterone, and to be frank, had some massive clackers.

The internet wasn't going to waste a perfect opportunity for memes and content. Fellas, how often do we find scientific evidence that also acts as a lifehack to increase our ball size? This is a monumental day.

We'd like offer a heartfelt thank you to the hard-working educators and scientists who made this study possible. It's the dedication to medical advances like this that keeps me going every day. Thank you. AC/DC... Play us out!