Everyone's favorite animal rights organization and resident punching bag, is making waves once again. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is a non-profit organization famous for showing us those terrifying pig videos and how chicken nuggets are made.

PETA has always been known for being a bit over-the-top and intense. So when they tweeted about prong collars being harmful to dogs, the internet responded accordingly.

It's safe to say the image sparked the opposite reaction of what PETA intended.

The photo seemed to strike a nerve with fans of S&M and furries alike.

Many Twitter users began to recognize a familiar character within the strangely erotic illustration.

Mainly people couldn't believe that PETA is still doing...well...PETA things. Is it just me or does anyone else remember the insane stickers they would give away for free at Warped Tour back in the day?

Gotta love the internet. So until the next wildly outrageous thing that PETA posts, we'll leave you by saying yeah prong collars aren't great. But neither is PETA so there's that.