AI-generated images; articles; songs; television shows – the list goes on – have been fighting to make their marks in our day-to-day lives, like a microwave in the 80s, promising us it's easier to nuke dinner and bake it. 

But what AI-generated artifacts have yet to do – besides the dripped-out Pope – is convince us they're real. 

Take the AI-generated pizza commercial or beer ad we recently featured here on this site; or the AI Drake song (which actually sucks you weirdos) or the Joe Biden weed edits. The only thing AI is truly great at is making us laugh. 

Which brings me to this picture of the Musk family. A picture many people were convinced was produced by an AI. It isn't. Which only makes it even funnier. 

Elon, surrounded by his sister Tosca Musk, his mother Maye Musk, and his brother, Kimbal Musk, is being done a huge favor by his soul-sucking kin who help him look almost human. 

The photo is real, though I don't know if that makes me feel better or worse. You can tell by the fingers or you might be like me and remember the first time it was posted by an Elon reply guy in a thread where the CEO of 69 Jokes was or wasn't making a fool of himself. 

"The dick riding is crazy how do you even find this let alone have it saved" @cloudeeuhh responded to @JayCartere, the reply guy previously mentioned. 

While AI still has a long road ahead, the Musks will still be here – sucking souls – when it achieves full sentience.