In this week's episode of 'what the cringe' we take a look at one of the most popular games on the market, Super Seducer: How To Talk To Girls. And as its name suggests, it's a pickup artists game with a live-action twist that acts as a simulation where men try their hand at picking up women in different situations. What could go wrong? Well, seemingly everything. 

Popular video game reviewer, Videogamedunkey, reviewed the cringefest last month before the surmounting hate began to grow. Take a look. 

One of the game's scenarios begins with Dick walking down the street as he sees a woman walking towards him. It's his first chance to strike up a conversation and you the player must choose the right response in order to hopefully woe the pretty stranger. 

And after successfully choosing the right approach, standing in front of her, you succeed in gaining her attention. After which you are taken to a scene of Dick hanging around with two busty babes like the sex icon you are quickly becoming. 

I mean who wouldn't want to play this game. Who among us can deny the pick-up artist cheat codes Sexy Jesus has bestowed upon us? You can practice your flirting with 'real' women in the comfort of your dope ass gaming chair, all while heating up the leftover meatballs your mom made for dinner last night.

And just like how GTA has trained us in the ways of the hitman, Dick is teaching us how to get laid. That is to say that if you even have the time to get laid between all the trolling and shitposting you have to do. But we digress. 

If you care about the controversy surrounding this life changing game, a quick search of either Twitter or Google will set you in the right direction.

But we have a solution of our own for Super Seducer that we think fixes their problem perfectly. If the game could be played as either a man or a woman, featuring situations where both sexes are versed in how to get the sex they so crave maybe, just maybe people wouldn't have a problem with it. Sometime's guys just want to feel wanted too, ya know? 

But alas, that is not the world we live in, because quite honestly 'gamer girls' don't have the same problems with getting laid that 'gamer guys' do and well, that's a discussion best suited for the comments.