Twitter user Lindsey Ledford discovered a certain married white supremacist trying to get his Nazi D wet on the feminist dating app Bumble. It's a unique app in that it gives women the power in making dating decisions.

She immediately took action and explained to Bumble why he should be kicked to the curb.

The whole thing was pretty surreal.

Nathan Bernard summarized it all nicely in this tweet.

Quick Update: @remote_franklin informs that Jack's wife is currently expecting.

Bumble is on it, and has definitely seen the post on twitter.

FastCompany has been in communication with Bumble and the company confirms that Posobiec's account was tied to him personally.

After Ledford tagged the company on Twitter, Bumble confirmed that the account actually was Pobosiec’s–and not someone posing has him–before removing him.

Posobiec responded on twitter, as did the dating app.