If you like Euro disco that feels like it's straight out of the 1990s and has catchy lyrics, then 'Planet of the Bass' is the song for you and all your summer dancing needs. 

From the brilliant mind of comedian Kyle Gordon, comes the hottest and dare we say funniest song in years; "Planet of the Bass." Kyle has been doing a character he calls "DJ Crazy Times" for years now, and while "Planet of the Bass" is a song on his forthcoming album, his inspiration for bringing back 90s Euro Disco is a thread that runs deep in his unique brand of comedy. 

The song, which was first a hit on TikTok and which racked up over 75 million views on Twitter has ballooned the comedian into a new realm of online fame, prompting many artists to create fan fiction art and memes. 

The video's high-quality production value and uncanny sense of conveying true Euro trash lyrics have cemented its creator as a true man of the people. 

Lyrics which include "All of the dream / how does it mean when the rhythm is glad / there is nothing to be sad / danger and dance / clapping the hands / when we out in the space on the planet of the BASS."  

The beat is good, and the lyrics are special, but it's the mannerisms of Kyle and his co-star that really make the song a contender for Song of the Summer. 

In a world of try-hards and serious posters, be Kyle. It's his "Planet of the Bass" we're just living on it.