Though expecting mothers aren’t allowed to drink alcohol, or eat sushi, several moms on TikTok discovered they can still have fun while cooking up a baby – spectacularly pranking their S.O.s.

Over the past several years, more and more expectant mothers have taken to TikTok to share a crucial moment in their pregnancy, the moment they tricked their partners into believing their water broke.

The hashtag #waterbreakingprank has amassed more than 85.6 million views on TikTok and the pranks are fairly self-explanatory. Wet the floor below you with a good splash – or in the case of @shelbanddyl, a good several gallons or pop a water balloon hidden in your pants. Call in your husband, S.O., or your boss (?),  stay stoic, and let hilarity ensue.

@shelbanddyl I swear he’s ready! He’s just a little dramatic #husbandreacts #prank #waterbroke #pregnant #baby #couple #funny #fyp ? original sound - Shelby & Dylan

@collab Protect this dad at all costs #fyp #prank ? Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

“Shelb! AHHHHHH! That is disgusting,” screamed @shelbanddyl’s husband in one of the trends’ most viral installments, before asking how his wife “could have this much juice inside [inside her]?”

But it’s not just husbands who freak out at the sight of what may or may not be a person’s water breaking – just ask @laughingburnscalories, who captured a hilarious response after trying this prank on her boss.

@laughingburnscalories Water breaking prank. Turned the volume up so you could hear it better. #prank #funny #backtowork #bestboss #lol #bestplacetowork ? original sound - Tracy Thompson

“I think her water just broke,” he said in the clip before frantically attempting to navigate the situation, asking where her husband is and even offering to accompany her to the hospital. Hey, at least he gets an A+ for management skills.

@thegirlcop No partners were harmed in the making of this video #girlcop #prank #waterbreaking #police #pregnant ? original sound - thegirlcop

While pranking your husband can be fun and games, testing their ‘the baby is coming’ response time is priceless.