One white man recently learned the age-old lesson of “talk s**t, get hit” the hard way, landing a devastating palm to the face after attempting to use a racial slur while arguing with a Black man.

Redditor u/greekgodxfat headed to r/PublicFreakout on Wednesday with a Snapchat screen recording depicting a smack for the ages, showing a racist dude getting spectacularly b*tch slapped after telling another man that his wife was more of an n-word than he was.

Clearly unamused by this white man’s usage of racial slurs, the man let his hand do the talking, smacking his opponent so hard that he fell to the ground, his head hitting the railing of what appears to be an apartment complex on the way down.

Racist guy gets knocked out HARD
by u/greekgodxfat in PublicFreakout

“Bitch ass,” someone can be heard saying in the background as the man remained on the floor, possibly knocked out.

Though the context of what, exactly, led to this altercation is unknown — all we know is that this argument went down “somewhere in Missouri,'' according to u/greekgodxfat — one thing is certain: That dude definitely got what was coming to him.