Can a turtle be racist? Does a racist turtle deserve your respect? These are all questions people had to ask themselves after a video showing a turtle attacking a pair of black shoes went viral. The videos are clearly a joke and one is actually calling this turtle a racist, but that didn't stop people from thinking it. 

We don't know how or why the turtle is acting this way. Could be there is something hidden in the shoe, or that the dark color would elicit this type of reaction, but people are jokingly calling it racist. The "racist turtle" is placed on the ground surrounded by a wall of white sneakers. The turtle then moves past them to attack a lone black sneaker, before cutting to a clip of Dr. Umar giving a side-eyed look that says, "everything is racist against black people." 

The video was originally posted to TikTok by @phatonions but was later reposted by Twitter account @nocontextdrumar on May 6th, and it has since amassed over 4 million views. Dr. Umar Johnson, for those who don't know, is a niche internet celebrity/meme who works as a clinical psychologist with a focus on black children with disruptive behavior disorders. 

The account @nocontextdrumar isn't affiliated with the real Dr. Umar but instead is a sh*tposting account that shares meme videos with "racial undertones", before cutting to Dr. Umar's trademark eyebrow raise. 

The series is in three parts. And each one is as damming as the previous one. Why is this turtle such a little racist? Should we stop using paper straws and switch back to plastic? Do turtles deserve our protection?