German band Rammstein dressed as Nazi concentration camp prisoners in new video for Deutschland

German band Rammstein are releasing their first music in 10 years. Today, they have come under harsh criticism after debuting a trailer for their new song "Deutschland" in which the band dresses as Nazi concentration camp prisoners. Major media outlets are calling it "tasteless," but they obviously don't understand the band or the song's message.

Check it out for yourself.


This afternoon, the band has released the official video for the song, which depicts different eras of German history.

Twitter users reacted to the news today, and nobody seems to be buying into the controversy.

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Here are the lyrics to the song in English via Genius:

You have cried a lot
In the mind apart
In the heart united

We have been together for a very long time
Your breath is cold
The heart in flames

My heart in flames
Want to love you want to damn you
Your breath is cold
So young
And yet so old

I never want to leave you
One want to love you
And want to hate you
Overbearing (arrogant)
To take over (i think this is the only proper way to translate this in context here)
To surrender (giving away, can also be read as throwing up)
To attack (to assault, raid, invade)
Germany, Germany over everyone

Superior (super powerful)
Needles (dispensable, a waste)
Übermenschen (Superman)
Sick of (tired, bored)
The higher you climb, the farther you fall
Germany, Germany over everyone

This is honestly not very surprising as Rammstein has created controversy throughout their entire career. I also agree with the Twitter user who said the song is actually against Nazism, violence, and war. What do you think?