TikTok phenom and rapper, Yung Gravy is putting his money where his mouth is. The self-proclaimed MILF-hunter who is currently on the tail end of his U.S. tour posted a video to TikTok revealing just how many bras women have thrown on stage every night.


save the nip

? Sugar Mama - Yung Gravy & IshDARR

678 total bras is nothing to scoff at. Especially with Minneapolis fans accounting for 159 bras alone. Throwing bras on stage, what once was a horny rockstar groupie stereotype, is now being used for good.

Yung Gravy plans to donate the bras to women's shelters in need. Furthermore, the rapper asked women for their average bra expenses and plans to match that number. That amount will be donated to breast cancer awareness charities. Here was the updated number of bras collected, as of Sunday the 11th.

You don't have to be a fan of him or his music to appreciate the good that a 26-year-old rapper is doing. It's safe to say that this time of year is a struggle for a lot of people. So someone more fortunate, like Yung Gravy doing something like this actually makes a huge difference. Kudos.