Listen, here at eBaum's World we're all about calling people out on their bullsh*t. But there's got to be a balance. One man got blasted on Twitter this week when he took things too far. Jeremy Schneider became the 'main character' of the internet after a tweet of his went viral. The tweet centered around people reading books at bars, and the reactions were dynamite.

What started as a funny tweet, quickly turned dark as reactions started rolling in.

Both very valid points. The responses continued...

Some people were less mean, and just more confused by the tweet.

More dunking ensued.

Usually that's the end of it. Someone says something stupid on the internet. The internet typically bullies them to brink of submission. And we never hear about them again.

Not this time. Jeremy sat on his tweet for 3 days. He then apologized. And was then applauded for his apology. Somehow this dude went from zero to hero in a matter of days. Some would argue though, that the apology is beyond cringeworthy.

Jeremy goes on to state that he even tried reading a book in a bar for himself, and that if someone ever writes a book dragging tweets that his should be included. Let's hear what the readers had to say.

So many opinions, so little time.

Mostly the reactions were 'Ooof thank god this is over.' In the end, Twitter had to move on to another main character.