blue origin launch | laughing jeff bezos

Amazon founder/tech billionaire/possible supervillain Jeffrey Bezos made history today as he and a flight crew went into orbit on a rocket built by Bezos' aerospace venture, Bue Origin.

It's a memorable event to be sure, but possibly not in the ways Bezos had originally intended:

To be fair, you can't be recently divorced, look that much like a scrotum, ride a giant d**k rocket, and then expect the internet NOT to come for you.

You can't unsee this, I'm not sorry.

The whole thing was made even more hilarious to gutter-minded, immature adults like myself by the fact that the rocket's exhaust trail had a distinctly pinkish hue to it. 

People really seemed to have a hard-on about ridiculing this endeavor.

The comparisons to the famous rocket scene in 'Austin Powers' wouldn't stop coming.

I'm guessing it was a satisfactory flight because the landing capsule looked distinctly... glazed.

Blue Origin landing capsule | Jeff Bezos laughing

"Was it good for you too baby? I don't actually care."

Good on ya, Jeff! Way to prove to the world that you're definitely not a middle-aged man who has infinite resources to live out his midlife crisis!