People on the internet can’t help but post their gross meals. From gray bechamel to raw meat to dumplings that accidentally drank from the wrong grail, it seems that there’s nothing that people on the internet won’t attempt to cook — and, for some reason, try to eat.

Recently, another example of terrible internet food came to the fore after being posted by a user on the subreddit r/EnergyDrinks. “Anyone else make energy toast when in a rush?” asked Redditor JustTrading34. Accompanying the post is a picture of a piece of toast, messily laden with something between radioactive goo and cat vomit.

According to the Redditor, this ungodly creation is made by blending “a teaspoon of softened butter to one serving of favorite energy drink.” In the Redditor’s case, the energy drink in question was C4, appropriately named for the explosion this would cause in your stomach. The Redditor then advises to “mix together and spread on fresh toast.”

No, I don’t think I will, thank you very much.

Fortunately, JustTrading34 appears to be an outlier amongst the jittery folks of r/EnergyDrinks. Sure, they’ll drink chemical slurry with enough caffeine to kill a horse, but put it on toast? My God, man — have some decency! “I feel like half this sub just needs to take Adderall,” observed one subscriber. “I mean this in the worst way possible, go to hell,” declared another.

Then again, someone else on the subreddit claimed to make French toast with Monster instead of milk, and another said they liked to turn energy drinks into dipping sauces. Maybe what these people really need is a diet overhaul — and a couple of friends to tell them that this is not okay.