Trump has announced his 2024 run for President. He had to do it on his own social media platform, TRUTH Social, after famously being banned from Twitter in 2020. In a post-Elon Musk Twitter world, it’s looking like the years' Trump was most active on the app were its glory days.  Because no matter how you feel about The Don, his tweets were strange, loud, angry, and hilarious. Since he is suspended, screenshots of his tweets are rare and coveted gems of boomer humor. 

Many now forget his pre-President days, when he was just an angry blonde man tweeting shower thoughts from his tower. The best content came when he strayed from politics. His strange obsession with Robert Pattinson, thirsting over the future Queen of England, and forgiving all the “haters and losers” because they “can’t help being born fucked up.” 

Musk also seems to be banning old Trump tweet accounts, making these even rarer each day. The most popular of these, @OldTrumpTweets was actually bought by Trump-supporter media outlet Resist The Mainstream. Trump’s funny banger tweets are an endangered species. Enjoy them while they’re still here.