We all know the story of shit talking Rhonda Rousey and the immovable force she went up against when she lost to Holly Homes, but what happened to her after that?

For a while she was well, living her life in private as a normal citizen, but that ended when she signed a very lucrative contract with the WWE. Rousey has in a very short period of time taken the WWE by storm. 

The former MMA fighter is everything a WWE star should be. She's strong and flexible, able to take hard hits and give even tougher ones back. She moves like a real fighter because yeah you guessed it, she is one. The last thing for Rousey to conquer is her mic skills, which from her time in MMA shouldn't be too hard for her to learn. 

Fans have been outspoken about her addition into the WWE universe and last night on RAW she showed the world why she belongs in WWE.