Everyone remembers the moment they learned about the rules of the internet, specifically, Rule 34. Coincidentally, it was also the day your childhood died.

This week, TikTok has been plagued with a “This or That” filter of our favorite animated characters like Princess Peach, Hello Kitty, and Mr. Clean. The filter first shows two stock photos of the character but after you make your first choice you are given NSFW Rule 34 content of said character.


the wildest part is that someones making these filters

? Mr. Clean - Fay Lovsky & La Bande Dessinée

Creators on the app have begun filming their reactions to the filters, with nearly all of them – in an effort to not be banned by the app – have censored the images but the horror in their eyes is evident.


? die (sped up) - lucidbeatz & key kelly

@privv_rivera Im not eating those snacks no more . #hellokitty #hellokittyfilter ? Hello Kitty - Britt Barbie

One by @just6marcus_ shows his horrified face as he sees Princess Peach’s peach.

@just6marcus_ how some of these filters being approved? #filters ? original sound - Derek

“I should’ve stayed curious,” says one commenter

“HOW ARE THESE FILTERS APPROVED,” asks another commenter.

The filters all seem to have been made by the same creator, 777. Searching 777 on TikTok will take you to even more character filters. From anime to Disney characters, nothing from your childhood is safe. Sadly, Bowsette was also a victim.

These filters – an obvious nightmare for TikTok’s moderation team – have all been banned on the app, though not before traumatizing users who were ‘rickrolled’ by vaginas.  

@merp_cult_official #mrclean #mrcleanfilter #pov #scarred #president #filter #filters #fyp ? Mr. Clean - Fay Lovsky & La Bande Dessinée

“POV you can’t trust filters after the Mr. Clean filter,” says the caption in @merp_cult_official’s TikTok using a filter asking to choose between Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Quite literally, hello Kitty.