When the Nasdaq closed on Friday, June 28, Chinese social network YY had their shares priced at 69.69. Searching 'YY" on Google became a viral joke over the weekend until the market reopened Monday morning and the price changed. 

Google screenshot of YY Inc stock priced at 69.69.

On Saturday, June, 29, Reddit user Alopez2987 posted 'Type yy into google' on /r/wallstreetbets and the post blew up. Over the weekend multiple posts notifying people of the joke gained momentum on Twitter and Instagram. Their stock price is currently at 70.74, but it was a 'nice' joke while it lasted. 

Google 'yy' for a nice surprise Tweet by Dr Grandayy

SRGRAFO cartoon about typing yy into Google

The person who was doing stonks and noticed the value of YY

Elon Musk meme: Type yy in google. Just trust me.

YY Google meme - So long, partner Woody from Toy Story after YY stock price went up.