In a bizarre video, a man claims to have caught "inter-dimensional beings" on his security camera footage. The video shows the motion capture pick up something that isn't there and then a few moments later two figures pass by, but are not fully in focus and are almost invisible.

One figure looks to be a normal human while the other one looks like it's walking on four legs but has a human head. They look like ghostly apparitions and are almost invisible to the camera.

The strange phenomenon was commented on by several people on Twitter, some saying that it's just a glitch that happens in most security cameras.

While others are fully convinced that this is actual footage of extraterrestrials.

Most people agree that it is most likely a couple walking their dog and that it has glitched the dog and person to make it seem like they are walking on four legs. But it's hard to watch and not be a little freaked out that it's something else.