Tony Hawk, the best skater to ever do it - and the person who revolutionized the sport - is now sidelined for the foreseeable future. According to his Instagram page, Hawk suffered a nasty injury breaking his femur. It's unclear how the injury occurred, but we wish him nothing but a speedy and healthy recovery.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words...

I just have one...Ouch. The video game star and Twitter enthusiast shared this x-ray with a touching caption.

Yesterday sucked. I broke my elbow 20 years ago and managed to make a full comeback; this recovery for a broken femur will be much harder because of its severity (and my age). But I’m up for the challenge.

There's no doubt in my mind that Tony Hawk will be back. Athletes like him - true once in a lifetime athletes - don't stay down for long.

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, femoral fractures typically take anywhere from 4 to 6 months recovery time. Obviously that depends on multiple factors such as age and severity of the injury.

It's a bit ironic that the injury coincides with the trailer release for the Tony Hawk HBO documentary Until the Wheels Fall Off (which looks incredible by the way.)

But the message that stuck with me comes directly from the Birdman himself.

I have found my sense of purpose and shaped my identity through skating, and it nourishes my mental health immensely.

We wish Tony Hawk all the best, and hope to see him back on the board again soon!