Looking for a refreshing summer beverage guaranteed to make your cruh “Pounce Right On Your Penis?” Look no further than a delicious refreshing margarita … that is according to the evangelical purity sermon-turned undeniable song of the summer.

Evangelical preacher Sister Cindy shot to viral recently after her sermon at Louisiana State University detailing the aphrodisiac powers of frozen alcoholic beverages began making the rounds on Twitter.

“If you buy her one margarita, she will spread her legs,” she quipped, sending the crowd into a frenzy. “If you buy her two margaritas, she will pounce right on your penis.”

Later detailing the respective efficacy of three, four, and five margaritas at guaranteeing you’ll get laid (only opt for the latter if you’re down for some pegging), her inadvertently (a)rousing sermon recently earned her the highest honor bestowed on viral content – getting a viral remix. 

Shortly after the video took the internet by storm, TikTok musician @casadimusic headed to the platform with her very creative take on Sister Cindy’s words of wisdom, effectively turning it into the club banger of the summer.

@casadimusic Replying to @confessionsofamunch One Margarita #Remix @That Chick Angel @kevonstage #casadimusic #newmusic #songofthesummer ♬ One Margarita 5 Margaritas Margarita Song - CasaDi

“Give me one margarita, I'm a open my legs,” she sang in her video, which has amassed over 1.5 million likes. “Give me two margaritas, I'ma give you some head, give me three margaritas, I'ma put it in my puss, give me four margaritas, I'ma put it in my tush.”

Summer playlist? Secured.