The New England Patriots are once again at the center of an NFL conspiracy. During ESPN's Monday Night Football broadcast between the Bears and the Patriots, a seemingly innocent enough errant throw by quarterback Mac Jones might have been anything but.

Not convinced? There are multiple angles showing what looks like the ball contacting the Skycam wire. The ball ended up being intercepted by Bears' defender, Jaquan Brisker. The Bears would go on to win the game.

Take a closer look.

From that angle, the ball clearly looks like it hits the wire. ESPN responded to the viral tweet stating that the wire was "15 feet" above the ball. Uh...

We'll never know if the Skycam wire would've truly had an effect on the outcome of the game. Unfortunately for the Patriots, the incident occurred early in the 2nd quarter when they were only down by 10 points. Heaven forbid something like this happens in an important game like the Super Bowl. The internet would have a sh*t fit.