sexy lady cop

Cops have got a bad rep in recent years, but at least one NYPD officer is keeping the "fine" in "New York City's finest."

Twitter user @yktvbutnotchris posted this video of a gorgeous NYPD officer going about her day as he thirsts after her:

It wasn't long before this sexy siren of justice got all of Twitter fired up, with a LOT of people considering a life of crime just so she might be their arresting officer:

‍♂️ @DayKushin Replying to  @MustBeCharm Me tryna figure out how to get arrested

Naasir Void @NaasirVoid Replying to  @MustBeCharm She said:

Demond  @Vandalsavage___ Replying to  @MustBeCharm All jokes aside she really bad as hell lol

 IG:Richmulaa @Richavellii Replying to  @MustBeCharm  and  @mariahbreannaa

SleepyJeebies @Fresh_Prjnce Replying to  @MustBeCharm

The black Kakashi @Rook_OCELOT Replying to  @MustBeCharm Bro was contemplating prison time for some cop coochie

robyn fenty stan account @Me_rcedes09 Replying to  @MustBeCharm  and  @sapioexquisite He was like “Maybe blue lives do matter”